Many entrepreneurs are still unaware of the many advantages of investing in SEO resellers program. Unfortunately, some find it daunting to outsource their SEO work because of the following misconceptions this article is going to elaborate.

seo resellers program

1. SEO reselling is expensive.

One of the main reasons that stir business owners away from SEO reselling is because they think it can be pricey. People often believe that by outsourcing the job of search engine optimization to a third-party service provider means you are going to pay for a whole team’s paycheck.

On the contrary, private label SEO programs are renowned for providing quality service at a reasonable price. Business owners no longer have to spend time and money on hiring in-house SEO professionals which can cost thousands of dollars.

2. Outsourcing SEO will take a long time before you can see results.

SEO is a long complex process; it needs time and patience in order to be successful. A lot of business owners brush off the thought of SEO reselling because they believe it will take ages before they’ll see valuable results. Thus, they choose to do the job in-house as outsourcing is just a waste of time and money.

However, on the actual fact, in order to see timely results with SEO, expertise and proper knowledge is needed. SEO resellers program has a team of SEO professionals who have the know-how on the right ways to get your sight on top of search engine platforms.

3. SEO agencies produce substandard content.

Most of the time, it is easy to assume that content quality is not going to be as good when you choose to outsource SEO writing jobs to a third-party agency. Hence why many business owners leave the job to their staff in-house thinking the quality is going to be better.

The truth is most SEO service providers take pride in providing quality web content. Each content is written by experienced writers then goes through the scrutiny of meticulous editors. Afterwards, the content is then curated for optimization purposes. Thus, you are guaranteed to get top-rate content when you choose to invest in SEO resellers program.

4. Why outsource when you can utilize free online SEO tools?

Certainly there are tons of free SEO tools and software online that you can use; however, certain features may only be available at premium plans. And surely you can just go for the premium and by doing that, you have an SEO tool to rely on; no need to outsource the work.

Although SEO tools and software are helpful, having the right skills and comprehensive knowledge about SEO is still the main key for a successful optimization. Therefore leaving the job to the professionals like  Ardor Seo who have the know-how and investing in SEO resellers program is the best option to make.


Outsourcing to a third-party SEO service provider can be highly beneficial to any venture. Business owners can save cost and get quality content that will drive desirable results.

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