If you’re trying to achieve a greener lifestyle, you should start small. Therefore, if you’re aiming to install a garage door insulation Brisbane stores are offering, then you’re off to a great start.


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What is garage door insulation?

This process consists of installing insulation products, such as the polystyrene products Brisbane has today, that best fit your garage’s requirements. Insulating your garage door will improve your structure’s thermal properties.

When is a garage door insulation Brisbane installation necessary

  • When your garage is adjacent to your living room
  • When you’re staying in an area with weather extremities
  • When you need a cost-effective way to save on your utility bills
  • When you want to protect equipment that is prone to developing rust due to moisture
  • When you notice your garage becomes extremely hot during the summer or cold during winter
  • When you are transforming your garage into a recording studio or study room—insulation it will filter the noise from outside

How to choose a garage door insulation Brisbane has today

Take note to look at the R-value, which is a metric that determines the ability of an insulation to resist heat flow.

When shopping for insulation products, you should choose a door insulation product with a higher R-value. That’s because a higher value means a better insulation performance. That means your house in Brisbane will stay cool during the summer and warm during the cold season.

If an insulation has a three-star rating, that means its R-value ranges from three to ten. Meanwhile, you can choose a four-star rating if you spend a lot of time inside the garage.

Types of insulation for a garage

  1. Steel garage door insulation – This type of insulation provides you with the highest value. They are durable because they are often manufactured using steel and aluminium.
  2. Polystyrene blocks Brisbane insulation – This is another high-performing insulation product that will help you save money. This material is similar to those used in producing cups and plates. Besides being reliable, it’s also nature-friendly. Polystyrene is recyclable and doesn’t even contain Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
  3. Fibreglass panel insulation – This is a common type of door insulation that has layers of vinyl that face outside the door. The drawback is that it’s not too ideal for garage doors—it loses its insulation capability once it’s compressed.
  4. Reflective foil insulation – This cheap and lightweight insulation involves foil, bubble wrap, and polyethylene sandwiched between two layers of steel. Compared to Polystyrene insulation, this material is easier to install; however, it’s a poor insulator compared to Polystyrene. Click here garage door insulation Brisbane
  5. Spray foam insulation – Revered for its high R-value, the spray foam has a unique but difficult application process. Its base form is liquid but it will instantly solidify after you spray it on a surface. In addition, it’s expensive but homeowners guarantee its long-term insulation benefits.

Get the best insulation for your garage

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